Top Fundraisers

1) Cynthia Cochran $2,750.00
2) Emily Lesko $1,970.00
3) Jennifer Casperson $1,610.00
4) Jennifer Ward $1,600.00
5) Sharon Wilson $1,550.00
6) Natalie Lew $1,375.00
7) Maureen Petrovich $1,230.00
8) Dorothy Shields $1,145.00
9) Rebecca Stirewalt $1,115.00
10) Christine Kjellberg $1,110.00
11) Jennifer Lutkowski $1,075.00
12) Catherine Davis $1,050.00
13) Carla Fisher $1,005.09
14) Elizabeth Lawrence $1,005.00
15) Erika Gulley $1,000.00
16) Heather Pinney $850.00
17) Melissa Perez $850.00
18) Shelly Leslie $816.00
19) Chris Newport $790.00
20) Nancy Hanks $785.00
21) Jennifer Rozycki $750.00
22) Lorie Beam$750.00

Post Event Wrap Up!

Hello Riders!
We are in process of wrapping up with the 2016 tour and wanted to let all of you know where we are.

Event Photos

Pictures are online! An enormous thank you to Gerald Dukes sharing his time and talent with us. Enjoy the pictures and send Gerald a shout out! You can see all the galleries by clicking on the "Pictures" links, above.

Goodie Bags and Incentives

All the Goodie Bags, bought jerseys and incentives are in the mail!

A NEW Order of Jerseys and Shorts

This is your final opportunity to order a le Tour de Femme 2016 jersey. We had lots of people ask about reorders. We will submit the order next Friday, November 18. If you would like to order either a short sleeved jersey or a pair of le Tour de Femme shorts, Click Here to be order directly from our SquareUp Online store. If you have any questions, just email Ron at Jersey and shorts take an average of 8 - 10 weeks to make. We will ship the orders as soon as we get them.

NOTE: If you order an item, and we don't reach the required minimums, we will refund your order.

Items missing from the event

For those that we either didn't have a correct size of an item available at the event, or there was something that we were going to order for you, we are placing those orders currently. We will be sending an email out shortly in order to gauge interest in new order of shorts and jerseys. Jerseys take on average 8 weeks to produce, but more on that later.

Items for sale

All remaining inventory of le Tour de Femme items will be going onto our Square Up store front in the coming days. We are going over all the available inventory so that we have accurate numbers to sell.


Now, the announcement you are most interested to hear, how much did we raise for the Rex Hospital Angel Fund and the Kay Yow Foundation? Well, you’re going to have to wait just a bit longer on that one. We’re working to reconcile the books, pay our bills and make sure all aspects of the event are settled. That said, expect to know the final amount before the end of the year. (And thanks for your patience with our volunteer-staffed organization!)

Thank you again for all of you for your involvement in the 2016 event. You are amazing and inspiring!

le Tour de Femme Beneficiaries

All of the proceeds from le tour de Femme are donated to two local organizations that share Grab My Wheel's mission. Grab My Wheel is proud to support the Rex Healthcare Foundation's Angel Fund and The Kay Yow Cancer Fund. Both organizations work hard in the local community to improve the lives of those fighting cancer. We invite you to learn more about how each organization is making a difference.

Rex Hospital Angel Fund

The Angel Fund is a special fund designed to serve those individuals with unique financial needs as they cope with the hardships associated with their cancer treatment. The goal of this program includes increased access to treatment related needs and improved quality of life.

The Kay Yow Cancer Fund

The Kay Yow Cancer Fund is a 501 (c)(3) charitable organization committed to being a part of finding an answer in the fight against women’s cancers through raising funds for scientific research, assisting the underserved, and unifying people for a common cause.

le Tour de Femme Merchandise

For the 2016 le tour de Femme jersey, we are going back to our roots and, at the same time, celebrating our new partnership with the Kay Yow Foundation! We're going PINK! The 2007 jersey, still one of the most popular jerseys, was the first jersey we ever made. Fittingly, we used that 07 jersey as our inspiration for this years jersey. For more information about the jersey, sizing and how to order, click the "More Information" button.


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